QCR Tech stands alone with regard to the design and build of their checking fixtures. QCR Tech supports the Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM’s), Tier 1, and Tier 2 suppliers. QCR Tech has been designing and building a wide range of checking fixtures, ranging from CMM Holding Fixtures to Full Attribute Fixtures and Full Environmental Fixtures, since their inception for both the sheet metal and trim industries.

With highly skilled employees working 2 shifts, QCR Tech is able to build the highest quality checking fixtures that meet the customer’s tight deadlines at a competitive cost.

QCR Tech also has the ability to provide a secure viewing area for any design sensitive properties.

QCR Tech is capable of providing turn-key solutions, starting from design all the way through to certification, for many various styles of checking fixtures and gaging that the customer may require. Styles include, but are not limited to
  • CMM holding Fixtures
  • Full Attribute Fixtures
  • Environmental Fixtures
  • Prototype Fixtures
  • In-Process Fixtures
  • Check-Aids
  • Weld Fixtures
  • Specialty Jigs
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